Tantech Pty Ltd was initially established to manufacture and supply a specialty detergent for sheepskin products. This coincided with the launch of a new Standard for medical sheepskins in 1998.

Following an enquiry from the Breastfeeding Association, we undertook the development of the detergent to be effective against dust mites using essential plant oils.

Thus we have a wool detergent which:

Tantech manufactures a leather wax for footwear based on natural bees wax, natural carnauba wax and neetsfoot oil and contains water repellent properties.

We manufacture this wax for:

Tantech manufactures a timber wax, based on natural bees wax, natural carnauba wax and neetsfoot oil for Wattle Creek, Tasmania which has essential plant oil fragrances of huon pine, Tasmanian lavender and lemon myrtle.

Tantech manufactures a spray application oilskin reproofer for Didgeridoonas for use with oilskin clothing and accessories. It contains a fungicide to prevent mould and mildew.

Tantech has formulated upholstery leather care products (cleaner & protector/conditioner) for use on auto, marine and aircraft upholstery leather and is currently negotiating a licence for supply to supermarkets in Australia and internationally through a licence with a successful Australian company.

Tantech manufactures a suede, nubuck & sheepskin double face water & oil repellent for use on clothing and footwear (including ugg boots).


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