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When our infant son started suffering from frequent rashes of hives, covering most of his body, it was suggested to us that it may be the washing powder I was using. I started using Allerwash as an alternative to washing powder and couldn't be happier with the results. Anxious to alleviate his discomfort I rewashed everything in contact with his skin in Allerwash. The hives vanished completely, we didn't even get a chance to photograph them disappearing they were gone so fast I now wash all of his clothes and bedding in Allerwash and still after several months we have not seen a rash since. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with an infant or allergies and wish we had not had to learn the hard way with our little boy experiencing so much discomfort before we realised how harsh washing products, even ones recommended as mild, can be on a young child's skin. Thankyou Jeannette Anderson

Name: Ms Jeannette Anderson, Lismore NSW